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East Sikkim Tour Packages

So, you have already visit Darjeeling multiple time and want to explore some place unknow and exotic this time around. Well, you can visit East Sikkim. Tucked in the remote corner of North East India, East Sikkim is a hidden gem waiting to be explored by tourists like you. But are you getting worried that probably your budget will not be sufficient for this magical entourage? Well, Baikunthapur Tour & Travels Private Limited is here to help you. We have designed amazingly low-cost tour packages to East Sikkim so there no excuse not to check it out! So don’t miss out on an unforgettable experience this holiday season and book your tour now with Baikunthapur Tour & Travels Private Limited!

East Sikkim Tour

East Sikkim Travel

East Sikkim is an idyllic spot for any traveler. Gangtok, the capital city of this magnificent district, serves as a gateway to its stunning mountains and lush valleys. Not only does it have mesmerizing views but also holds historical significance through old monasteries and temples that adorn its landscape – one could easily be captivated by all East Sikkim has to offer!


If you’re looking for the perfect time to explore East Sikkim, either March through June or October through December are your best bets! During these months enjoy beautiful scenery with pleasant temperatures — a must-see for any nature lover. Winter can be quite chilly and snowy in this part of India so come prepared if visiting then; roads may also face closures due to icy conditions. July through September? Stick with monsoon memories from afar – landslides could interfere with making lasting ones of your own!


Get ready to be transported! Hitting up East Sikkim usually begins with a visit to the glittering and buzzing city of Gangtok. Sitting at a lofty 1,650 metres above sea level and reigning as the capital of this beautiful state lies Gangtok – without doubt one of India’s gems. You can expect plenty of night-time fun, delectable local cuisines, and enough nearby attractions that’ll keep you entertained for 2 or 3 days – maybe even more!

Gangtok is a vibrant destination, ideal for sightseers looking to explore the area’s distinct cultural attractions such as Enchey Monastery, Hanuman Tok and Ganesh Tok. And if you’re into shopping then head on over to MG Marg – it’s Sikkim’s premiere retail centre! It isn’t too far either – just 120km from New Jalpaiguiri Station or 124 km away from Bagdogra Airport. So come discover Gangtok today: visit its amazing sights with an exciting array of shops; there really is something here for everyone!

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Popular Places In East Sikkim

Tukla Valley: Tukla Valley is a paradise of stunning landscapes dotted with snow-capped peaks like Kanchenjunga. Many liken it to the grandeur of Tibet and its charming beauty during winter when everything gleams white or in autumn when local blooms colour the valley red, draws many admirers from far away lands . It also commemorates brave British soldiers who fought gallantly at The Battle Of Tukla – paying tribute to their valiant spirit!

Nathang valley: Nestled high in the Himalayan mountains, the Nathang Valley is a visual feast to behold. Formerly home of Tibetan yak herders, it stands at an awe-inspiring 13,500 feet above sea level and can be reached via India’s legendary Silk Route. With gushing rivers snaking through its expanse and prayer flags rustling across every edge of its rugged skyline – you’re sure to capture nature’s majestic beauty here! Whether summer or winter comes around – this valley never fails to surprise with different tones that flaunt her picturesque theme song!

East Sikkim Tour



Nestled in the mountain folds of glorious Kanchenjunga, Yakten is a picturesque town at an altitude of 5,300ft. Surrounded by lush pine woods and colourful orchids this place enthralls visitors with its scenery which includes spectacular views of snow-capped peaks from afar! Not to forget that you’ll find myriad varieties birds and butterflies around here too – what more can one ask for? So why not take off on your own journey to explore this enchanting destination just 34kms away from Gangtok?


In this hidden corner of the world, there are numerous homestays tucked away and kept running by locals. And one great way to take it all in is through a nature walk! Experiencing birdsong up close, seeing butterflies flutter around gorgeous orchids – what more could you ask for?! Nearby Bojyetar offers an incredible open meadow area surrounded by pine trees plus forested trails on your journey back. Don’t forget about Parakha town, Barapathing and Rolep town either; here’s where local people will offer insight into their culture while wandering along bankside paths alongside Rolep river too!

East Sikkim Tour

Babamandir, Nathula Pass and Baba Mandir

Have you heard of Tsogmo Lake? It’s a stunning, high-altitude lake that lies just 35 km from Gangtok and is known for its crystal clear waters. This once served as part of the old Indo China trading route, which makes it an incredibly interesting destination! While there, be sure to check out Yak rides around the lake with visits to nearby temples accompanied by tea & Tibetan noodles at local shops—what could be better than enjoying this breathtaking scenery over some hot drinks?! If you’re looking for even more unique attractions in the area then head on over to Kyongnosla Sanctuary where visitors can spot naughty Pandas, Himalayan Bears and some amazingly exotic orchids.


A journey through Nathula Pass is one of exploration and discovery. Sitting at the intersection between India and China, this area was once part of a flourishing Silk Road which served to bring merchants from across nations together in exchange for their goods. Today, however it remains as vibrant as ever with droves of visitors seeking out its beauty each year – an exciting reminder that no matter how much worldly affairs change over time, some places are able to remain timeless!


Nestled between two majestic mountain passes lies the legendary Baba Mandir, a tribute to Harbhajan Singh – an Indian Army soldier believed by many to be blessed with divine presence. Take a pilgrimage and visit this sacred spot on your way through Nathula Pass and Tsongmo Lake – it promises spiritual healing like no other!