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Lachung is a magical little hill town tucked away in the Himalayas of North Sikkim, boasting incredible views from 3000 feet up. The journey to this charming destination as scenic as it itself – just 120km from Gangtok by road! Take a stroll through its streets and you’ll feel like you’ve jumped straight out an old-fashioned storybook. From wooden houses with small kitchen gardens to winding roads lined with cows, interrupted now and then by quaint shops; here your smartphone will be more reliable than any time machine!

Best Time To Visit Lachung

Lachung is truly a sight to behold, with beautiful snow-capped peaks that glisten in the sun year round. You’ll find an abundance of breathtaking waterfalls along its serpentine mountain roads, which are blanketed by fresh powder each winter! However, while summer and autumn promise optimal conditions so you can safely enjoy your journey without worry of landslides or inaccessible roads due to heavy snows; monsoon season should definitely be avoided if possible.

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Getting Around Lachung

Visiting Lachung is totally worth the hassle, but you need to plan ahead! Make sure to factor in some extra time for your journey and get a special permit from Gangtok before setting off – this all requires jumping through a few bureaucratic hoops. Don’t forget any documents or passport-sized photos either – having those on hand will make life easier when applying for your temporary tourist pass. Its proximity to the China border means that a pass is required for you to stay in the area.
Taking a trip to Lachung? Make sure you book your journey with an expert travel agent as there’s no public transport that can get you here. Brace yourself for some thrilling mountain roads – parts of them are smooth and picturesque, while other sections might be more like a rollercoaster ride! So make sure the vehicle you choose is up for the adventure!
Travelling to Lachung is no ordinary journey! Armed military bases dot the entire route and taking any photos secretly is a surefire way to get into serious trouble. Plus, you better be ready for some rigorous questioning if you dare take too long of a pit stop – travel permits are mandatory here.
Ready to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Take a journey over to Lachung for some peace and quiet – not only will you fill your lungs with crisp mountain air, but explore on foot for an extra dose of exploration. As you meander around town, don’t forget about all those little eateries tucked in small huts – come try out delicious home-cooked Sikkimese food that’s sure to leave your taste buds tingling!

Sightseeing & Activities

Nestled in the hills of Lachung, the Lachung Gompa is a beautiful Buddhist temple that promises an unforgettable experience! Take your pick – opt for a scenic drive to reach it or take on the challenge to hike up and truly immerse yourself. Either way, you won’t regret paying this place of worship a visit.
Take a 30km journey from Lachung and you’ll find yourself standing at the foot of Mount Katao, an awe-inspiring Himalayan peak! From here, you can feast your eyes on spectacular views of sprawling valleys and twisting mountain ranges. An absolute must-see for nature lovers!
Yumthang Valley of Flowers is a must-visit destination, only 25km away from the picturesque town of Lachung! Its explosion of colors during the flowering season creates an unforgettable experience that will captivate your senses with its vast variety of flowers.