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Baikunthapur Tour & Travels  is a well-established travel agency in Siliguri. We offer personalized guided tours, sightseeing packages for both domestic and international travelers alike to ensure your trip goes off without any hiccups! As a reputed travel agency in Siliguri, Baikunthapur Tour & Travels  provides the best experiences for their customers. 

Top Domestic travel agency in siliguri

Ready to start your journey? Contacting us is easy. Reach out to our Siliguri Travel Agency contact number –  +91 95939 00285, available on our website, to speak directly with one of our travel consultants. You can also visit our office in Siliguri for a personal consultation. We’re here to assist you from the moment you think of traveling to the time you are back home. Our support team is ready to handle any inquiries or issues that may arise, ensuring that your trip is flawless from start to finish.

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Top Domestic travel agency in siliguri

Siliguri isn’t just a city; it’s a gateway to North East India, and choosing the right travel agency here is crucial. Our expertise and intimate knowledge of the region set us apart. Clients choose us not only for our reliability but also for our passion for making every trip memorable. Whether you’re looking for a domestic jaunt or an international voyage, your journey starts here. 

Our team understands that travel is not just about places but also about experiences and memories. That’s why each itinerary is crafted with care, ensuring that your travels are stress-free and filled with unforgettable moments. For travelers seeking the best, Baikunthapur Tour & Travels stands out as a top choice in Siliguri. 

With years of experience and a plethora of options available, we make sure your travel is not just good but the best it can be. From solo travelers to groups, our packages are designed to cater to everyone’s needs, making us the go-to international travel agency in Siliguri.


Tour Packages

Looking to get away from it all? You can count your lucky stars and set off on the trip of a lifetime with our amazing tour packages! Whether you’re searching for the perfect short escape, want to travel to the ends of the earth for an unforgettable journey, or are looking for a thrilling adventure – we’ve got it all covered in spades! With a wide array of tour packages available to choose from, we make sure you hit the bull’s eye – no matter if you’re feeling flush or on a shoestring budget.


Car Hire

If you’re in Siliguri and need a car, you’ve now got a surefire winner. Baikunthapur Tour & Travels has made a big splash in the car rental scene and is quickly becoming the gold standard for getting around town. We offer an array of vehicles suited to any occasion – whether you’re driving solo or bringing along a few more. Whether you need to get from point A to point B or you want to hit the open road with your friends, Baikunthapur Tour & Travels can make it happen – so don’t wait around, book your ride today!


Hotel Booking

If you’re looking for a great place to stay without breaking the bank, you should definitely check out Baikunthapur Tour & Travels. They’ve got some truly incredible hotel deals that will make you feel like you won the lottery. Plus, they’ll help you locate the most luxurious and comfortable hotels around town. Whether you’re on vacation or just in need of a good night’s rest, this is one offer that’s too good to pass up. So don’t hesitate—find your next great getaway at Baikunthapur Tour & Travels!

Our Range of Services


Offering a wide range of travel services is our forte. From booking your flights to arranging your stay, Baikunthapur Tour & Travels covers all bases. Our services don’t just stop at booking; we ensure that your travel experience is seamless and comprehensive. 

Adventure seekers or peace lovers, our domestic packages to destinations around Siliguri are perfectly curated to suit various tastes and preferences. Not just limited to local destinations, our reach extends globally, facilitating international travel that broadens horizons and creates new perspectives. 

Furthermore, our specialized services extend to corporate travel, educational tours, and romantic getaways, each handled with the same precision and dedication that our clients have come to expect from a top travel agency in Siliguri.

travel agency in Siliguri


Top Domestic travel agency in siliguri

Start your unforgettable journey in North Bengal with Siliguri as your launchpad. Whether you’re captivated by the serene Himalayas or enchanted by lush tea gardens, Baikunthapur Tour & Travels is your perfect guide. Embark on an adventure where every detail is tailored to create your ultimate travel experience. Your dream journey begins here!

Tailor-Made Itineraries

Travel is deeply personal, and one size does not fit all. At Baikunthapur Tour & Travels, we understand this better than anyone. That’s why our itineraries are customizable to your preferences. Whether you are an adventure enthusiast looking to explore rugged terrains or a culture seeker aiming to soak in local traditions, we have something for everyone. Our travel experts take the time to understand your needs and craft journeys that are as unique as you are. Each itinerary reflects a deep respect for the destinations we help you explore, ensuring that your travels are not just trips but transformative experiences. This personalization extends to all aspects of your trip, from accommodation to activities, making sure that each aspect of your journey is in harmony with your desires and expectations.